I am Ryan Jerue, a Software Engineer working for Amazon in Arlington, Virginia. My focus is in creating scalable web systems. I can be contacted by email over ryan at jerue dot org.

About me:

  • Previously worked at Reify Health, Viasat, Charles River Development, NAVSEA, and with the RIPPLES group at my alma mater, the University of Massachusetts Amherst.
  • Enjoy working with JavaScript, TypeScript, Clojure(Script), React, React Native, Java, REST, GraphQL, APIs, SQL, MongoDB, and more.
  • I love photography; hiking and camping; cheering on Liverpool, Red Sox, Patriots; and playing soccer.

Blog Posts:

Using yalc Instead Of npm Or yarn link To Develop React Components

Ever try using npm link with React? While it works for simple examples, more often it will break when one starts adding hooks into their application. While things like Storybook are great for developing components in isolation, sometimes it makes sense to locally test components in the application that is consuming them. Lets explore why npm (and yarn) link is broken, and how we can use yalc to fix it!

Lessons On Writing JavaScript and React From ClojureScript

Recently, I started a new role as a Software Engineer at Reify Health. Unlike any other role that I have had, a huge part of our product stack is written in Clojure and ClojureScript. Thankfully, I have spent my last few years as a JS/TS dev working with React and as a result, have employed and appreciated a very functional style. ClojureScript has unlocked whole new levels of productivity in JavaScript and React. Particularly, it has shut the door on patterns that are pain points and allowed for new paradigms that JavaScript did not elegantly allow one to express.

Running Android With React Native On Windows Subsystem For Linux

React native is a tool that allows developers to write apps one and render them anywhere: Android, iOS, web, and more. One does not need a state of the art PC or a mac in order to start learning how to develop things with React Native. While tools such as expo allow for one to test on any smartphone, one does not need to use that and can develop and test on the same PC. Learn how to set up a developer environment for React Native on a PC using Windows Subsystem for Linux (aka WSL). As a bonus, WSL subsystem for Linux is also a fantastic developer environment for more traditional web development work too!

Apps At 22 Thousand Miles Away, Writing For High Latency

In my current role, I have had to write lots of web applications that run over satellite internet. Satellites in geostationary orbit have roughly a minimum of 500ms of latency. Typically, users notice latency after 120ms. Despite the challenges that high latency provides, it is still possible to create applications that provide delightful user experiences. Many of these patterns make sense outside high latency environments too. Here is how one can do it.

Universal Applications vs. Universal Components

I love the web, but I spent a large portion of the last few years woking on native apps. I had a dream of consolidating two applications onto a single tech stack. We did it, but I learned a lot of lessons and maybe would do it again differently.

Writing Again

Hello world. I'm back! It's been a long hiatus since I've written anything so here we go. Welcome to my new website! I wanted to share how I made it. I've actually gone through a few iterations of this. So I thought I thought it might be fun to explain how I got here.